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How Well Do You Know The Joker?


The Joker is one of DC’s best villains and has been around nearly as long as the Dark Knight himself. In many ways, he is a direct counter to Batman. Where Bats fights people as he deems necessary in order to better Gotham City, the Joker simply kills because it’s fun and revels in chaos. Their battle has been going on for decades, and it seems like it will never slow down anytime soon.

The Joker has thus proven to be one of DC’s most popular characters as a result. With movies like Suicide Squad and Batman: Assault on Arkham focusing more on the Clown Prince of Crime, more and more people are beginning to get their Joker fix. He definitely attracts a particular type of crowd.

His presence has not only led to some of the greatest moments on film, but some of the greatest moments in comic books as a whole. If you’re a true Joker fan (or by extension a DC or Batman fan), you could probably name a few off the top of your head. Because this villain has been around for so long, we want to test those who think they know it all.

How well do you know the Joker?

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