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How Well Do You Know The Hunger Games Movies?


The Hunger Games is a literary trilogy of young adult novels that center around a dystopian future, authored by Suzanne Collins. The inspiration for the stories came from a late-night evening of channel surfing between reality shows and war coverage.

The heroes of the story are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, who also fall in love along the way. The futuristic story is set in a world where the Capital City annually forces youngsters from each district to battle to the death in a game they call the Hunger Games. The games are broadcast for all to see.

The novels have all been adapted into a total of four films with the last novel being broken up into a two-part movie.

Our quiz will only have questions relating to the material found in the movies. Questions 1-10 will all be on the first movie, The Hunger Games. Questions 11-20 will all be pertaining to the second film, Catching Fire. Questions 21-30 are on Mocking Jay Part 1, while 31-35 are on Mocking Jay Part 2.

We hope you are one of the victors in our quiz on; How Well Do You Know The Hunger Games Movies?

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