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How Well Do You Know The Ghostbusters?


Ghostbusters was a popular motion picture released in 1984. The franchise has seen a sequel and a reboot that saw Ghostbusters take on a gender role reversal. Originally, a Ghostbusters III was planned but plans were scrapped when Harold Ramis passed away. This caused director Ivan Reitman to pull out as director.

The story focuses around a group of scientists who study paranormal activity. When they lose their jobs, they form the Ghostbusters agency. Their intent was to investigate instances of unexplained events involving spirits and ghosts. However, when there are actual sightings of ghosts in New York City, the demand for their services arises.

There is no shortage of ghouls roaming around the Big Apple so the boys answer the call and spring into action.

The films later became a cult classic and launched a series of merchandise, including toys, cereal, cartoons, Halloween costumes, video game, and Las Vegas slot machines among other things. Bill Murray played himself in another cult classic, Zombieland, where the characters act out scenes from Ghostbusters.

Our trivia test will focus on the original Ghostbusters. Enjoy our quiz and find out just How Well Do You Know the Ghostbusters!

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