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How Well Do You Know CW’s Supernatural?


Supernatural, the CW horror-drama starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as two brothers who hunt monsters and solve creepy mysteries, is a television institution at this point. It is currently halfway through its 12th season, and has already been renewed for a 13th. It’s in that rare place in the world of network TV where it will likely never be cancelled; the only feasible way the show will end is if the filmmakers or actors decide they don’t want to do it any more. It’s ratings are always steady and it has a rabid fanbase who are deeply invested in the show’s mythology and love Sam and Dean almost as much as real family members.

Hell, even the creator of the show (Eric Kripke) left after season 5, as he felt he had told the story he wanted to tell; but his creation was so popular that it has now lived on for 7 more seasons. They’ve produced more episodes after the creator left the building than when he was still there. Talk about creating something that takes on a life of its own!

But how well do you know Supernatural? This quiz will separate the casual fans from the die-hard fanatics, with questions crossing all 12 seasons and a wide variety of characters. If you think you know your Winchester’s from your Campbell’s, or your Crowley’s from your Castiel’s, then click the button and start the quiz! Come on, we dare you.

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