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How Well Do You Know Star-Lord From Guardians Of The Galaxy?


Star Lord is the half-human intergalactic space criminal who was abducted as a child after losing his mother. Raised by a group of criminals, he was taught to be just like them and built a reputation as such, or so he thinks.

Star Lord became the founder and leader for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The character, Star Lord, is among one of the more popular figures from the Marvel Universe. Many compare the character to Han Solo from the Star Wars stories. A rough neck, who looks out for himself primarily. Somehow, in the end, like Solo, he always seems to do the right thing.

Star Lord has become so iconic that the character will be featured in the next Avengers film alongside Iron Man, Hulk, Captain American, Spiderman, and many more Marvel heroes.

Star Lord adopted the name because it was a nickname his mother used to call him as a boy. Of course, Star Lord will first return in May 2017 for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Now, let’s see if you are “Hooked on a feeling” for Star Lord and see How Well Do You Know Star Lord?

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