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How Much Do You Know About The Spider-Man Films?


Spider-Man has been a fan favorite ever since he first was unveiled in the early 60s. Before then, superheroes were usually grown men, sometimes having younger guys as their sidekicks, but Spidey changed all that. The teenager, Peter Parker, had a normal teenage life outside of saving the world and many of the younger comic readers could relate to that. Spider-Man was an instant success. Since then, legions of fans have devoured everything they could get their hands on related to the webslinger. For forty years, film studios were chomping at the bit, waiting for the day that film technology reached a point that it would allow them to make a proper Spider-Man film. That day came in 2002 with the release of Spider-Man. Now, we’re about to get our third Spider-Man film franchise, the sixth Spider-Man film in total.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming on the horizon, it’s time we ask the question: how well do you know your Spider-Man movies? Sure, having a background knowledge of the comics helps, but it’s not everything. Things have been changed in the films, for better or for worse. We want to challenge all you web-heads out there to see how much you truly know about the film adaptations. Can you tell your Tobey from your Andrew, your Goblins from your Octopuses/Octopi? Who said what, and what happened when? We’ll start out easy and build our way up. Let’s see how well you do.

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