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How Well Do You Know Seinfeld?


There aren’t many TV shows that can boast the amount of critical acclaim and success as Seinfeld. It ran for an impressive nine seasons and continues to get a fair amount of ratings success just in reruns alone. The main actors made an incredible amount of money while filming and even many of the side characters went on to achieve fame in their own right on TV and in film. While the show started off with moderate success, it continued to gain steam with each new season and has gained a name for itself as one of the all-time greatest television sitcoms in American history since it’s been off the air. Many think of Seinfeld as a pioneer in television since it truly was “a show about nothing.” While there wasn’t a driving storyline, each episode featured hilarious themes and memorable characters that helped to continue the success of the show.

Many people think of Seinfeld as a comforting show to watch and that’s why even the reruns do well to this day. While there are some people that may have only seen a handful of episodes, there are others that can boast watching every single episode more than a handful of times. Whether you’ve only seen a few episodes or you’re a Seinfeld junkie and occasionally go on a series marathon, there are some obvious characters and storylines that will stick out from the show. Test your knowledge on how well you know the series and see if you can call yourself a true Seinfeld fan.

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