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How Well Do You Know Ross Geller?


Ross Geller, the lovable goof from Friends never had it easy. Though he was played to perfection by David Schwimmer, was the cause of some of the biggest laughs and part of the best storyline in the show, he’s not everyone’s favorite character. Ross was never the sexiest or the funniest. Compared to the other cast members, Ross is the often forgotten one, but we would argue that he was more important to the show’s success than any one character. Sure, that may seem like a ridiculous claim for any of the cast members because they all played such integral roles, but think about how central of a role Ross plays in the overall arc of the show. It’s clear we love Ross, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to find out if you love Ross.

So, let’s find out if Ross was the forgotten one for you. We know you’ve watched the show. We know you love Rachel, you’ve laughed at Phoebe and with Chandler, but did you pay attention to Ross? From 1994 to 2004, Friends was on the air. For 10 seasons, 20 million viewers tuned in to watch the shenanigans live. The re-watchability of Friends is often considered one of the best out there, so you’ve probably caught countless re-runs and watched it start to finish on Netflix. You’ve increased your chances, but have you done enough? Even Ross’s “friends” barely listened to his stories. What makes you think you have? Let’s figure it out once and for all.

How Well Do You Know Ross Geller?

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