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How Well Do You Know Rachel Green?


The hit TV show Friends was a staple for millions of fans for so many different reasons, but there can be no denying the impact that the character of Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) had on the show and its following. For many, Rachel was the reason they watched and it was her storyline that kept them most engaged, especially in the first few seasons. Rachel was a fashion icon for women everywhere, one of the most beautiful women alive and her on again off again relationship with Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) was one of the central engines for the show. The bottom line is: we love us some Rachel.

The character of Rachel didn’t just help make Friends what it was, she also catapulted actress Jennifer Aniston into the Hollywood stratosphere, making her one of the most recognizable and celebrated women in the industry. After 10 incredible seasons, running from 1994 to 2004, Friends tragically went off the air and we lost Rachel from our lives. Thankfully, with reruns, DVD collections and streaming services like Netflix, we can still check in with the gang every once in a while or binge-watch all 10 seasons in a week, whichever. It’s not all bad. Still, we miss you Rachel. We were your biggest fans. But with such a massive following, it’s hard to make that claim, isn’t it? Who is Rachel’s biggest fan? Are you? Let’s find out.

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