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How Well Do You Know NBC’s Community?


Community was an NBC sitcom that ran from 2009-2015. The show takes place in a fictional town in Colorado and is primarily based in a fictional Community College, thus the title; Community.

The cast featured two big hitters. One was Chevy Chase. The former SNL player portrays Pierce; a millionaire who joined the college out of boredom with hopes to of self-discovery. Pierce lacks empathy, is narrow-minded, arrogant, selfish, and unsociable. Despite these flaws, Pierce desperately wants to fit in with the group.

The second big star is Ken Jeong, who plays Chang, a teacher at the school. Chang often overreacts but has been both a friend and a foe to the study group.

David Glover, son of Danny Glover, also stars in the show.

Now sharpen your pencils, this will be a timed and graded test. Just kidding. Do your best and above all else, have fun taking our quiz to see; How Well Do You Know NBC’s TV Show “Community”?

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