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How Well Do You Know Monica and Rachel’s Apartment?


Monica and Rachel’s apartment is probably one of the best-known sets in TV history. It’s a regular spot that fans like to drop by when they’re visiting LA (where the show was shot), and even the building used for exterior shots is popular for ‘Friends’ fanatics. Their place inspired apartment-envy from all of us – and probably unrealistic expectations for anyone who moved to the Big Apple looking for something similar – but we still have a special place in our heart for the apartment where the entire cast lived at one point or another. (Heck, even Ross was there when he spent a summer trying to become a dancer, although we weren’t lucky enough to see it.)

Stylishly cluttered and the place where Monica lived with Rachel for over five seasons, it was the end of an era when these two parted ways to let Chandler in. But hey, at least we’ll always have the memories. Test how well you know them with this quiz!

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