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How Well Do You Know Lord Voldemort?


Lord Voldemort is the ultimate villain. And you know what makes a really great villain? A really well-thought out backstory. And Voldemort has that in spades. It seems that J.K. Rowling thought out every little detail about this dark wizard. And when I say every detail, I do mean every detail. Little by little, with each passing book, Rowling revealed more and more about this famed wizard, from his childhood to his days at Hogwarts, and his rise to power. Because there were so many books in the Harry Potter series, Rowling had tons of time to flesh out his character, and she did so masterfully.

Part of the reason Voldemort is such an engrossing character is because Rowling somehow succeeds in making the readers sympathetic to him. We understand what he went through, and we end up feeling pity for him. He grew up alone, poor, and whether he wanted to admit it or not, afraid. In the end, Voldemort was just a small man who was angry at the world, and desperately wanted to cheat death. And when he finally dies, most people felt a twinge of sadness for the man who had twisted his body and his life into such a mockery of a human existence.

But how well do you know the story of Voldemort? Did you read the books? Perhaps you just watched the movies instead. Even if you’re the biggest Harry Potter fan there is, I guarantee you there’s at least a few questions on this quiz that will stump you. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

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