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How Well Do You Know Joey Tribbiani’s Apartment?


Friends is one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time, scoring highly with both fans and critics alike. To this day, more than a decade since the series ended, the show continues to find good viewing numbers due to a mixture of great writing and nostalgia. While all of the characters had their own distinct personalities, the audience could see a little bit of themselves in each one of them.

Beyond the characters, it’s their apartments that often get the most praise! While some wonder how the six friends would be able to afford the rent, others merely bask in how fantastic it would be to live there, especially at such a young age. Mixing this obsession with the near constant repeat of the series on television, there are a lot of fans out there who have managed to take in every detail of the apartments to become the biggest Friends fans possible.

Do you think you’re one of the few who has the right to call themselves the true Friends fan? We all know Chandler’s funniest lines and have our opinions on the infamous “break,” but do you know Joey’s apartment to stalker level? We don’t care how much you’ve seen the show or how much you love the goofy acting, we can guarantee you won’t be able to answer every question on this list! Feel like proving us wrong? Then it’s time to tell us everything you know about Joey Tribbiani’s apartment.

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