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How Well Do You Know “It” And Pennywise The Clown?


In 1986, Stephen King‘s It hit the bookshelves – a tome of over 1100 pages. It quickly topped the best seller list and won the British Fantasy Award the next year. Of King’s opuses – The Dark Tower series, The Stand and Under the Dome being the books that are close to the same length – it may not be the richest, though it is one of the best. The other King works are set in either completely alternate realities or worlds that are still very removed from our own. It is the most grounded in a small town world we recognize – the kind he’d explored in lighter fare like The Body – only this time the quaint charm of its setting is undercut by an inexplicable horror.

It wasn’t long before, in what soon became a 1990s tradition, television came calling. ABC hired writer Lawrence D. Cohen (Carrie) to condense the novel into a three-hour miniseries. Depending on who you ask, the miniseries is one of the most terrifying things they’ve ever seen, or laughably over the top. For early 90s adolescents who were still two years away from being able to devour Goosebumps novels, it was like candy – a PG-13 horror film that their parents could hardly object to because, hey, it got past the censors. It must have been what children of the late 70s experienced with another beloved King miniseries – Salem’s Lot.

A lot of the gruesome fun of the novel, miniseries, and upcoming film comes from the chief villain, Pennywise, the malicious, murderous clown who haunts small town America. Just a few weeks ago, we got our first look at the new Pennywise. Before the film is released in October, it’s time to take stock of King’s classic novel.

Just how well do you know Pennywise and It? Take the quiz to find out.

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