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How Well Do You Know Indiana Jones?


Indiana Jones is one of the most beloved action heroes of American cinema.

As an archaeologist his main goal is to uncover historical artifacts that have been lost over time, and boy does he shoot for the moon! He has often found himself not only battling the elements of nature as he scours the Earth in some dangerous locations. Jones has also had to work around unfriendly natives trying to guard the hidden treasures sought by the Professor. Not to mention be careful when dealing with the actual items as some of them hold unimaginable powers.

It doesn’t stop there. As if that wasn’t enough, Indiana Jones is usually racing against the Nazis who alway try to stay one step ahead of Jones, but just can’t seem to keep up with the swashbuckling, fedora hat wearing, whip cracking, hero.

So come along with us on this adventure to see how well you know Indiana Jones. Just make sure you stay alert because the Nazis are not only trying to beat you to the discovery but they will play dirty pool by stealing your findings. After all they are Nazis so don’t be surprised.

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