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How Well Do You Know Hulk Hogan?


Hulk Hogan was once the single most recognizable figure on the planet and earned his fame and fortune as a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation, which later became the WWE due to a trademark dispute with the World Wildlife Fund. The phenomenon was known as Hulk-a-mania.

Hogan burned his bridge with Vince McMahon when he testified against the WWE in a federal steroid trial. Hogan further caused turmoil with the person who made him a multi-millionaire when he jumped ship to Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling and almost put McMahon out of business.

Vince was able to look beyond personal issues and do what was best for business and welcome Hogan back with open arms into the company Hogan helped build.

Hogan was in the news when a home s*x tape was leaked. Hogan sued media company, Gawker, who aired the tape over the Internet. The parties settled for a reported $31 million and the settlement put Gawker out of business.

Hogan made headlines again when some racial hate comments he made were released. WWE severed all ties with the Hulkster, removed much of his content from their streaming network, and ejected him from the WWE Hall of Fame. Things are starting to settle from this, and it is expected Hogan will one day return.

Now that we have proven how much we know about Hulk Hogan, let’s see; How Well Do You Know Hulk Hogan? Our quiz will cover his wrestling career, his movies, and other aspects of this iconic figure’s life.

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