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How Well Do You Know Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine?


Wolverine is an extremely popular superhero and part of Marvel’s X-Men franchise. In fact, Wolverine is so popular that he was given his own standalone films in the series.

Since many discrepancies exist between the comic book incarnation and the film series version, we will focus on the Wolverine we have come to know from the movies.

The actor most associated with portraying Wolverine on the big screen, is Hugh Jackman. The indestructible, self-healing, seemingly immortal, animal is perhaps the single most popular X-Men character. He surely is one of the most powerful, thanks to mankind interfering in nature and genetically manipulating the man who would one day become the animalistic man known as Wolverine.

Wolverine has retractable claws in his hands that are razor sharp and can slice through just about anything, so you might want to stay on his good side.

So now it’s time to sharpen your claws and hone in on your mutant powers and take our quiz to see just How Well Do You Know Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine? Don’t forget on your journey, the quiz is about Wolverine from the movies. We won’t throw in any confusing or trick questions.

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