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How Well Do You Know Harry Potter, The Character?


We’re not questioning your knowledge of one of the greatest children’s book series off all time! Certainly not! We’re here to hone in on your knowledge of the man himself, the boy who lived, the chosen one: Harry Potter. Sure, you know all the fundamentals of Harry and his adventures from the muggle world into the realm of magic and Hogwarts, and even of his triumph over one of the greatest and most villainous foes their world has ever known- but how well do you know him?

Don’t beat yourselves up if you don’t nail the quiz. You can’t expect yourself to know everything about all the books! We’re just trying to separate the true Potter fans from the everyday ones, the ones who pretend to know everything about the series from the ones who have maybe spent an unhealthy amount of time rereading the books and re-watching the movies. We bet, after taking this quiz, we can identify if you’re the kind of person who has their own wand and cloak at home, and whether you got it from a theme park or if you had them hand crafted just for you by some Ollivander wannabe.

So switch off your Pottermore account, put down your rumpled copies of the books from your childhood, and stop staring at your phone in anxious anticipation of the release of HarryPotterGo. It’s time to focus up and test your knowledge of the chosen one himself. Let’s see just how well you know J.K. Rowling’s favorite pupil: Harry Potter.

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