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How Well Do You Know FRIENDS?


Have you spent more time hanging out with your friends at Central Perk than your real life friends? You probably aren’t the only one, and lucky for you, all that valuable time spent was just time preparing you for what is definitely one of the more detail-oriented Friends related trivia questionnaires out there. Finally, a way for you and your friend to throw down and truly prove to one another that you know all there is to know about Friends, even the seemingly unimportant stuff (though let’s get one thing straight, everything is important in Friends). 

But while you might be able to recite Smelly Cat in the shower, unless you know these characters like the back of your hand you’ll definitely struggle with some of the questions below. We definitely don’t discriminate as we get into the nitty-gritty for all of your favorite Friends and at the end of the day leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation for what they’ve brought to your life.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still some in there to help you along and some photo hints, but ultimately you’re going to have to call on your inner Science Boy and love of knowledge in order to make it to the end without having your confidence get shattered!

Have some fellow Friends lovers on your social media feed? Feel free to share your results and boast to everyone about just how smart you are.

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