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How Well Do You Know Frank Gallagher From Shameless?


Frank Gallagher, played by William H. Macy, is Shameless’ most famous protagonist, or antagonist depending on how you feel about him. He’s the father of the Gallagher children, but on more than one occasion, acts less mature than them. Frank cares about his children, but he’s definitely not father of the year by a long shot. He drinks a lot, and is often shown to be in the attire of a homeless man. Even though he doesn’t look like much, he’s actually very intelligent which is shown from time to time, even in his elaborate and illegal schemes.

From the beginning of the show, we begin a love-hate relationship for Frank. He could probably be a great guy, if it weren’t for him being such a terrible person. His logic for doing things doesn’t always make sense to those around him and to be truthful, his kids would probably be better off if he just left and never came back. But in all honesty, there’d be no Shameless if it weren’t for Frank. Of all the Gallaghers, he is by far the most interesting.

Because he plays such a major role in the show, there’s a lot that we have learned about Frank Gallagher over the past seven seasons and I’m sure there’s a lot more that we’ll find out. We’ve come up with a quiz to see how much you’ve been paying attention to Frank and his antics. He probably doesn’t even remember the answers to all these questions, but we hope you do.

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