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How Well Do You Know Fiona From Shameless?


Fiona Gallagher is undeniably one of the most interesting characters in the Shameless series. It’s hard to pin down what makes her so infatuating. First of all, let’s address the obvious. She is smoking hot. That’s thanks to the gorgeous actress who has played the character in all seven seasons. But she’s not just a pretty face. She’s also a very interesting character. She has her strengths, yes, but like every member of the Gallagher family, she definitely has her weaknesses. She is seen as somewhat of a sex addict, and she can never seem to get a relationship to work out, no matter how hard she tries. But she’s also a very protective member of the Gallagher family, and will go out of her way to put her siblings first every single time.

Good characters are so important when it comes to any story, and Shameless really does well in this regard. Fiona is just one of many amazing characters on Shameless, and she is a wonderful addition to a winding web of characters and their relationships and interactions. She is definitely one of the main characters however, and her story is more deeply fleshed out than many of the lesser characters.

But how well do you know Fiona? Take this quiz to find out.  Fans of Shameless should have no problem, but if you’re not too familiar with this show, you might have some trouble. One thing’s for sure though, you’re going to have fun reliving some of Fiona’s most  “shameless” moments!

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