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How Well Do You Know Donkey Kong?


In today’s media driven era, video games such as Doom, Black Ops and Grand Theft Auto top the charts in a multibillion-dollar industry with game systems like Play Station, X-Box and Nintendo. However, many moons ago this was not always the case. They had video games like Donkey Kong that did NOT promote violence. It was just simple family friendly entertainment where you controlled a little man and tried to rescue your girlfriend and avoid being crushed to death by barrels hurled by the ape so he could have his way with your woman. That is if you could avoid being burned to death from traveling fireballs. Like we said, video games were non-violent.

Back then home video consoles were not the same high tech quality as they are today. The video games like Donkey Kong were in a brick and mortar style building called arcades. Typically, video games would cost a quarter dollar per game. That’s just $0.25.

Donkey Kong, the focus of our quiz, was one of the more popular video games right up there with Pac Man, Frogger, Galaga, and others. Since its time in the arcade, Donkey Kong has evolved and although it is a Nintendo brand game, it has games available on most game systems.

The Donkey Kong video game series continues to be a staple of the gaming industry today with over a dozen games in the series and several dozen Kongs. Be forewarned that while there are some easy questions there are also some difficult questions that only the ultimate gamers will be able to conquer. So, get ready to climb the steel girders and see if you can topple Donkey Kong in our Donkey Kong Quiz.

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