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How Well Do You Know Disney’s Villains?


Disney is a company known for all of their great movies. What stands out most about their productions has to be their songs. From then on it’s the story and animation. You can’t walk five feet these days without running into someone who knows at least one Disney song.

But there is another aspect of these movies that sometimes goes unnoticed, and that’s their villains. With every great fairytale, it’s necessary to come up with a sinister and believable bad guy who not only challenges our hero but provides some food for thought toward the audience. This has been excellently done in previous Disney films, and they are trying to continue that trend today.

This is how we end up with frightening yet fun to watch villains like Scar or Frollo. Disney movies have somehow managed to come up with some of the best antagonists seen in kids’ movies to date. These characters all have their moments where they instill fear into those of us watching them on screen.

The large slate of Disney movies has also resulted in a large slate of villains over the years. There’s a lot to keep track of, but we want to know how well you remember them. Be prepared.

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