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How Well Do You Know CW’s The Flash?


The Flash is a popular American television program that airs on Tuesday nights on the CW Network. The superhero is a part of the DC Comics universe and first debuted in Flash Comics #1 with a cover date of January 1940, but was released in November 1939 and was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert.

As we all know there are many variances with comic book characters, especially comic book superheroes so the focus of this quiz will be on the latest version of The Flash which airs on the CW Network.

Every version of the Flash sees the Flash possess superhuman speed and reflexes with the ability to seemingly violate the laws of gravity and physics.

In the current incarnation, Flash has the biggest support team ever to battle villains across multiple alternate realities. You don’t need to have speeds as fast as the Flash to take our quiz to see how well you know The Flash. You just need to know about the Flash. So, take your time, don’t rush. Even though the quiz is about speed, it is NOT about speed.

Now let’s see how well you know the Flash.

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