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How Well Do You Know CW’s Green Arrow?


The Green Arrow is a popular superhero under the DC Comics banner. Arrow debuted in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941, which makes him 75 years old. Green Arrow was created by Mortimer Weisinger and designed by George Papp.

Initially, Green Arrow was nowhere near as popular as Batman, who debuted 2 years earlier. Arrow was not very popular at all. However, throughout the years his popularity has gained tremendous momentum.

His fame continues to prosper in modern media times when superheroes are all the latest rage. Green Arrow gained such a following that it warranted his own weekly, live action, episodic television program on the CW Network.

Like Batman, Green Arrow does not possess traditional super powers and his crimefighting escapades are made possible by the fact that his alter ego is a billionaire. Green Arrow wears a costume to conceal his true-identity and his garb is like Robin Hood’s, complete with exceptional archery skills.

Much like other comic book superheroes, there are countless variances with the character. So, for the sake of this quiz we are focusing on the version that appears on TV, on the CW network. Why don’t you tighten your bow, sharpen your arrow tips, and take aim at our How Well Do You Know CW’s Green Arrow quiz? Try to hit the bulls-eye and let’s see just how well you do.

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