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How Well Do You Know Chandler Bing?


Chandler Bing is everyone’s favorite funny man. Early on in Friends‘ run, the show seemed content having him wander aimlessly through life, providing comedic relief and social commentary on the group’s happenings with every comment. His personal life, outside of his friendships and Janice, was pretty non-existent for long stretches of time. But, somewhere along the way, the writers decided to make Chandler one of the true stars of the show, connecting him with Monica to form the group’s power couple. From that point on, you could make the argument that Chandler’s storyline really took shape for the first time.

For many fans of Friends, Chandler was always sort of an enigma. While we grew to learn more about his life after he got with Monica, we never really found out many intimate details. At least, not nearly as much as we knew about the Gellers or Rachel. The show even had a running gag about Chandler’s work and how none of his friends even knew what he did for a living. This is the kind of haziness in which the audience saw Chandler. He was a bit of a mystery for everyone. It’s because of this that Chandler trivia is difficult. You could make a strong case that, compared to the other friends, Chandler is the most unknown member of the group. We will put that to the test. Let’s see if you know Chandler better than his friends do. How Well Do You Know Chandler Bing?

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