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How Well Do You Know Bruce Lee?


The first time I saw Bruce Lee move in his trademark muscle-tensed flurry, I was hooked. There was something about this guy, the way he moved and talked, and the slightly smirky politeness of his face that together, made for a combination no other Asian actor has been able to capture. So sure, Jackie Chan is another Asian superstar with some kickass martial art skills, as is Jet Li, and even Chow Yun Fat, but none can compare to Bruce Lee’s killer moves, that whipcord of a body, and those intense good looks.

Add to that his tragic and untimely death, and then decades later, the equally tragic death of his son – and Hollywood has been hooked ever since. His first Hollywood movie was a success, unfortunately, a posthumous one for Lee who never got to see firsthand the utter sensation he became. However, fame was no stranger to him for he was the son of a famous Asian actor, and was a child actor in many Hong Kong movies himself.

His death became a sensation in itself, for being untimely, sudden, and at the house of a woman who was not his wife. And then when his child died years later, it became even more of a sensation, which is why despite having died way back in the 70s, Bruce Lee’s memory and movies are still the talk of legend and have their own undying cult following.

Today, Bruce Lee is remembered for his own brand of martial arts, his gentle demeanor that hid that supremely tough facade, and for being an overall good guy. He is remembered for being the first true Asian superstar in Hollywood and someone who paved the way for people like Jackie Chan to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Bruce Lee, the man, died many decades back, but his legend remains embedded in Hollywood and martial art aficionados even today. So let’s see how well you really know this fighting legend.

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