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How Well Do You Know Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman?


Everybody thinks they know Jesse Pinkman quite well. I mean, you watched five seasons of “Breaking Bad,” don’t you think you know him by now? Jesse, the lovable but oft-tortured costar of the series has many different idiosyncrasies. It is likely that only the sharpest watchers of “Breaking Bad” will do really well on this quiz. Jesse began the series as a low-level methamphetamine cook, who was suddenly roped into an originally small, but eventual extremely profitable and far-reaching drug ring.

The influence, bringing this lower-level cook into the limelight and facing him with much danger was his disapproving old high school chemistry teacher, Walter White. Operating at first from an RV, sometimes from his home’s basement, finally onto a sophisticated laboratory, then lastly under tarps of homes he was posing to be an exterminator for, Jesse Pinkman did it all.

Throughout all the action this series packs (both physical and social), Jesse Pinkman seems to often draw the short straw. In other words, he is faced with serious issues, almost continuously throughout the series yet seems to keep coming back to fight the good fight. Jesse almost becomes an inspirational character because of the different challenges he faces and defeats.

Let’s see if you paid close attention to this character and have the chops to get some of these questions right. Try to answer the questions without researching them, and see if you actually know the character of Jesse Pinkman. As a key character, he helped make “Breaking Bad.”

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