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How Well Do You Know Boba Fett?


Boba Fett is a character within the Star Wars Universe. He is among one of the more popular figures created by George Lucas in the epic outer space saga.

On screen, Boba Fett is aligned with the villainous Empire and sometimes seen alongside Darth Vader. Fett is a bounty hunter who collects the bounty on the head of Rebel Alliance ally, Captain Han Solo. It was easy for Boba Fett to capture Solo once Vader assisted.

Despite Boba Fett’s treacherous acts, he gained a fan following. As one of the bad guys, Darth Vader is the only one that rivals Fett’s fame.

The fanbase for Boba Fett grew after we first saw him in theaters so his time in the original three films was limited. We do see a young Boba Fett in the prequels, but again, he was not the focus of the soap opera set in space. Because of the limited action seen by Boba Fett on the silver screen, we included history from the character’s biography from the expanded Star Wars Universe novels in addition to his appearances in the motion pictures. So be aware that some questions in this quiz might seem simple, some of them will only be answered by true Star Wars fan. Enjoy our quiz to see How Well Do You Know Boba Fett?

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