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How Well Do You Know Better Call Saul?


A lot of people didn’t know what to do with themselves when Breaking Bad came to an end. The television show was a new phenomenon in many ways, spawning countless fans and a new public respect for modern television. So, when it was announced that the creator of Breaking Bad would be working on a prequel to the show starring none other than the sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, the fans were both excited and skeptical in equal measure. We all wanted more breakneck drama, but could anything ever live up to the legacy left behind by the blue meth?

Thankfully, the first two seasons have been met with critical acclaim. The only criticism that some people have for Better Call Saul is that it’s far too slow, especially when the episodes are cut into weekly chunks on Netflix! If you’re finding it difficult to wait and want more of your Saul Goodman fix, see if you can correctly answer these questions about the Breaking Bad spin-off.

With the third season now being released, we thought it was about time we found out who the real fans are anyway. Sure, we bet a lot of you could answer questions about your beloved Walter White, but how many of you can say the same about his “criminal” lawyer? What can you tell us about Bob Odenkirk’s career? Does the name Vince Gilligan ring any bells? Now is your chance for you to prove that you’re the biggest Better Call Saul fan out there!

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