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How Well Do You Know Batman: The Animated Series?


If you ask any superhero fan worth their salt what some of the best comic book cartoons are, Batman: The Animated Series will likely make that list. The truth of the matter is that this show was one of the earlier superhero productions and it paved the way for all of the different Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons that we got over the years.

What made Batman: The Animated Series great was not only its tone and animation, but how it wasn’t afraid to change all sorts of Batman lore for the better. There were constant alterations being made to the characters, and the entire show was a much more interesting product because of it. These alterations were so big that they have since become staples of the DC Comics world as a whole (but we’ll get to that later).

Odds are that many of you either grew up with the show or still go back and watch it these days. The show is quite timeless, but with how long it ran and all of the lore it changed, it can be a difficult to remember everything that happened. That’s what we’re here to test.

How well do you know Batman: The Animated Series?

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