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How Well Do You Know AMC’s The Walking Dead?


Since The Dawn of the Dead, the zombie craze has been slowly moaning and groaning through rehashed survival films, featuring the living dead, and a small, motley crew of characters vying for power, personal vendetta, and just simple sustenance (though it was Night of the Living Dead that really started this trend).

Jump forty-two years forward in time, and AMC’s The Walking Dead hits television sets the world over (based on the graphic novel series written by Robert Kirkman, and illustrated by Tony Moore).

Instantly garnering millions of fans, from both the comic book die-hards, and the unassuming public alike, The Walking Dead has been a source of drama, humour, bloodlust, vengeance, tragedy, and mystery for all kinds of people for coming on seven years now, with twists and turns, ups and downs, and head-spinning in every which way for all who dare to get into it (though sometimes the head spinning is due to a decapitation or two).

There are those super-fans who claim to know everything there is to know about this undying, or unliving… this walking dead show, so below is a series of fifty questions to probe and pick through the minds of fans to see who still has the brains in this zombie apocalypse.

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