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How Well Do You Know Iron Man?


Making his first comic book appearance in the 1963 issue of Tales of Suspense #39, Iron Man has been a household name since he got his very own eponymous comic series in 1968. As so many Marvel characters, Stark was created by Stan Lee; based on a famous, real life businessman.

Making his first foray onto the screen, Iron Man entertained kids for thirteen episodes of a cartoon series back in 1966. Not seen again on TV until the 90s, Iron Man then made a huge comeback, and hit the big screen in 2008 in the fantastic form of one Robert Downey Jr.

Combined, the Iron Man film series has grossed over two billion dollars worldwide, and has merged with and pushed to the forefront a venerable force of other superheroes who have, and continue to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This quiz is a test of knowledge that does detail some comic-based facts, but swings largely to the films, and the people involved in making them, so as to keep relevant. For those who know little about Iron Man, prepare to learn a lot, and for those who love Iron Man… prepare to discover something you didn’t already know.

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