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How Cool Are You? Match The Phrase To The Meaning


Ok, so the since the dawn of language, there has been a steady evolution, from which many languages have developed, thanks to the separation, and often isolation of different people groups. In the mish-mash of all of this language development (thanks to Latin, Greek, French, German, etc.), English formed and is now what prospective quiz-takers are reading.

These days, however, English is evolving at a faster rate than ever before, and is perhaps losing much of its colour and flash in exchange for buzzwords and brevity (in some cases). In some cases there are ridiculous acronyms (a series of letters that each represent the first letter of a word, but can together be spoken like a word) like YOLO, that have taken off, starting all manner of trends. And there are initialisms (a series of letters whereby one says each individual letter, as opposed to combining it to say a word) like WTF, that have certainly made their mark.

The goal of this quiz is to match the meaning, or definition of each word, phrase, acronym, or initialism presented. Some will be quite easy for those who are cool enough to be at the front of such linguistic trends, and some may be surprisingly difficult. Regardless, this is a test just to see how cool you, the quiz-taker are… and TBH, you’ve probably found this intro to be tl;dr.

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