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Has This Marvel Character Been On The Big Screen?


Marvel is dominating the movie industry right now. Their tactic seems to be to release as many superhero movies as possible, and they’re flooding the market with every single character they can think of. In fact, it seems like they’re running out of characters to make movies out of! With the release of movies like Ant-Man and Deadpool, it seems as though Marvel is scraping the bottom of the barrels for characters they can put in movies. Can you blame them? It seems like everything they touch turns to gold, and a superhero movie made by Marvel is pretty much guaranteed to be a box office hit.

But does this practice really “respect” the characters they’re using to make a quick buck? Nowadays it seems like Marvel is rushing movies to the cinema, without actually spending the time and effort to really flesh these characters out and do them justice on the big screen. Certain movies have really infuriated die hard fans, who feel like their characters were not given the proper attention. Maybe they’re right. Maybe Marvel is just using the fans’ love for these characters to ensure that people will buy tickets to the movie.

There’s been so many Marvel movies that it’s hard to even track of who has been on the big screen and who hasn’t. That’s where this quiz comes in. Are you a true Marvel fan? Do you remember whether these characters made it into a movie? Or are they still patiently waiting for their big moment? Take the quiz and find out whether you know Marvel movies as well as you think you do.


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