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Guess The Celebrity Through These Shocking Facts


For over 100 years, Hollywood has been the heart of entertainment. Heck, it even inspired Bollywood to become a thing! One thing that strikes us as interesting though, aside from the Hollywood sign and the rich history, are the hundreds of celebrities that walk among us. Speaking of celebrities, that seems to be the topic for this quiz!

Here, you will be tested on shocking facts about some of our favorite celebrities. Whether it be about an odd hobby they’ve picked up or a weird thing that’s a part of them, it’s your job to guess which celebrity belongs to each weird fact. Of course, I’ll start off easy for you, but I won’t promise that it’ll stay that way!

Before you begin, let me just say a few rules for the quiz:

You can’t cheat by looking it up on Google (although I won’t be able to tell, because I’m just a writer for TheRichest. I’m not the Illuminati).

If you have an urgent question, raise your hand. Although, you might look silly since there’s no teacher.

No listening to music during the quiz. I know you love listening to your daily dose of Adele, but for the quiz’s sake, please refrain from music.

Without further delay, you may begin your quiz!

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