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Gay Or Straight: Which Way Do These Celebs Swing?


Being a celebrity means that most of your life is spent under a spotlight. There’s not much you can get away with when there’s probably somebody following you with a camera no matter where you go. It gets so bad that people have actually attempted to disguise themselves when they leave their houses, just so they can get on with their day without interruption.

Sadly, one thing that our society is obsessed with is sex. Before we know anything else about someone, our minds will often wonder about their sexuality. This is even truer for celebrities because we see them everywhere and yet are unable to ask them any questions. This adds a mystique to their lives as if what they’re doing behind closed doors is any different to the rest of the general public.

As some sexualities still carry with them an archaic taboo, it’s not surprising that some celebrities would rather keep their sexualities to themselves, rather than make them public. However, this only adds intrigue to the situation and rumors begin to start. That’s why, while some of these celebrities may seem obvious, some will certainly take you by surprise. Think you know your straight celebrity from your gay celebrity? It’s time to find out!

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