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Are These 30 Celebs Gay Or Straight?


When it comes to celebrities, it seems that there is always a question surrounding their sexuality. There have even been a number of sayings floating around Hollywood that maintain that a celebrity isn’t considered truly famous unless the gay rumors have started to circulate. There are a number of reasons why the public is inclined to question a celebrity’s sexuality, especially since there is a long history of actors forced to hide their true sexuality in order to maintain a thriving career.

Although the world has greatly changed since the Rock Hudson era when he was forced to keep his gay secret in the closet, there is still a stigma behind an actor revealing their true sexuality and still maintaining leading man or leading lady status in Hollywood. On top of the public questioning the sexuality of stars that are in the closet just to further their careers, there are a number of actors that have played homosexual characters on television or the big screen. This can cause many people to question their sexuality, especially if their portrayal is super convincing. With Hollywood filled with metrosexual men that are impeccably dressed with looks that can kill, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many have questioned whether or not some of them are secretly gay. Yet, the answers behind some of these questions might surprise you. Some of these actors haven’t the slightest of gay tendencies and in fact, are happily married behind the scenes. Others, have come out of the closet and have become huge advocates for the LGBTQ community, without most of the general public ever taking notice. How well do you know these celebrity bedroom habits? Challenge yourself by taking our quiz on the celebrity edition of gay or straight and see if your gaydar is on point.

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