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FRIENDS: Which Season Did These Exes First Appear?


As we all know, Friends is the best-known sitcom that has ever existed. There is something about it that continues to speak to each new generation that comes along, and I imagine that if the show continues to be shown on television, we’ll be watching it for a long time yet. Seriously, you can go watch interviews with Matt LeBlanc to this day in which he says young people still come up to him and find it odd how old Joey really is.

This proliferation into culture has left a lot of people with some insane Friends knowledge, which means their ability to answer very specific questions about the series is impressive, to say the least. In an attempt to pick out the true Friends obsessives from the poseurs I’ve decided to make a quiz that only the truest of fans will be able to ace.

Rather than having to name the secondary characters or tell me which ex went out with who, tell us which season each one of these exes is first seen in. That’s right, you’re going to have to really dig deep into your Friends knowledge if you want to impress me on this one!

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