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Fake or Real: Did These Celebrities Get Plastic Surgery?


Image is everything in show business. It’s not just the studios and the powers-that-be who have unrealistic expectations of celebrities; it’s the fans, the media and the stars themselves. Basically, everyone out there is concerned about how people look and that has led to a lot of pressure being put on celebrities. One of the major side effects of this imagistic culture and pressure is plastic surgery. If a star doesn’t like the way they look, either as a total package or maybe just some small details, they get it “fixed.” Hell, even if a celebrity hasn’t gotten any work done, you can be sure that there are rumors out there that they have. Seriously, there aren’t many stars out there who haven’t been accused of getting plastic surgery. Sometimes the truth surprises us. Obviously, there are the hack jobs which make plastic surgery very clear-cut, but there’s been some good work, too. Can you tell the difference?

Celebrities are human and humans lie. This we know. But for a quiz of this sort, we’ve decided to take them at their word. Therefore, if a star has denied getting work done, we believe them. Similarly, if they say they’ve gotten plastic surgery, we believe them as well. After all, why would they lie about that? So, let’s see how strong your plastic surgery detector is.

This is called Fake or Real: Did These Celebrities Get Plastic Surgery?

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