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Fake Or Real? 25 Hot Reality Stars


It’s no secret that celebrities really, really like their plastic surgery. It seems that there’s nothing like a little breast augmentation (or reduction for that matter), a stomach nip or tuck here and there, a buttock enhancement (yes, that really is a thing), or the old classic nose job to make a female starlet’s day. I mean, after all, it’s no accident that Nip/Tuck, a show about plastic surgeons, was one of FX’s first hit series, long before The Shield, Rescue Me, and Sons of Anarchy made the cable channel a destination for gritty, hard-boiled realism. People get obsessed about plastic surgery, for good or ill.

It’s definitely no different for your garden variety reality stars. In fact, getting work done, on just about any part of your body, is essentially a status symbol for the typical reality celeb. It’s a sign that you’ve made the big time and have the money and popularity to make “improvements” to the original model. But what about those reality stars who didn’t have any kind of work done? Are there even any of them around anymore? The answers to that question may surprise you, which is why we’re here today. Do you know who went under the knife and who didn’t? Do you know which parts on which celebs have been poked, prodded, and put together? Can you guess what’s fake and what’s real on our favorite reality stars? Go ahead- take our quiz and find out who’s had the work done and who hasn’t.

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