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Do You Remember These 2000s Hollywood Scandals?


Oh the 2000s. The days of cropped pirate pants and Juicy Couture velour outfits. It’s arguably the best decade ever (after the amazing golden era of the 90s of course). It was the decade when boy bands like NSync, Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees reigned supreme (remember Justin Timberlake’s bleach blonde hair was actually considered cute back then?) and girls like Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears had all of us teenage girls begging our parents to let us wear belly jewelry and chokers. On a side note, chokers have definitely come back with a bang. Still, despite all of the music and trends that seem like bubble gum compared to what’s hot now, the 2000s were also the days of some of the biggest scandals that are still talked about more than ten years later. Some of them had parents afraid to even let their kids watch television unsupervised or leave the house alone.

From the celebrity beefs to the crimes and murders that are still considered a mystery, the 2000s were full of more than enough scandals to go around. Just to add a little more perspective, social media was just starting to get popular as Facebook didn’t kick off until 2004 and Twitter a few years after that, and Instagram as we know it didn’t even exist yet. So we had to check the headlines and watch the news for the latest on what was going on with our favorite celebrities. And some of the things we found are now known as the biggest scandals of the decade.

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