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Can You Name These Secondary Characters From The Walking Dead?


People on The Walking Dead are always dying left and right. You never know when a character is safe, so it’s tough to remember people’s names. Why would you memorize their names if all they’re going to do is leave you? It’s best to keep people at arm’s length. It’s definitely best to keep secondary characters at arm’s length. Even characters who we think are starting to infiltrate the core group aren’t safe.

There are people in the background who do important work. They are the people who go on supply runs, help fight the walkers (or whatever you prefer to call them), maybe they’re part of the new villain group or maybe they’re part of a new potential friendly ally group. No one is safe. Maybe not even Rick. One thing is for sure, there’s no way you’ll be able to put a name to all these faces. A few are a given, but some will have you scratching your head and recalling memories of previous seasons. Some may be good, but most will probably be heartbreakingly sad.

Give it a shot, try to match a name to a face. Share your results via social media and show off your TWD trivia prowess.

**warning: possible spoilers ahead**

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