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Do You Remember The Names Of These Disney Sidekicks?


Since 1937, Disney has been producing films. And from the very beginning, these films have been chock full of heroes, heroines, and their sidekicks. There are easily more sidekicks than appear in this quiz. But given eighty years of film making, it would seem silly to expect any people other than intense Disney fans to know them all.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few challenging questions. How well do you know your Disney films? And more importantly, how well do you know your supporting characters? After all, sidekicks are never the leads. Even if they appear in almost every scene of a given film.

But just for the sake of getting you on your way: can you name all seven dwarfs off by heart? Do you know all of the dynamic duos of the oceans, jungles, skies, mountain, and other realms of the Disney universe? Can you name all 101 Dalmatians (that’s a joke, don’t worry). So have a seat, think on your favourite Disney films, and see how well you know your sidekicks. Don’t let them down, because they’re always there for support.

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