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Do You Know Your Myths From Your Facts?


We live in a world where information is at our fingertips and yet, for some reason, we still love to take what other people say at face value. When we hear something repeated over and over again, we just assume that it’s true. We’ve heard it so many times that it must be a fact!

We all think we know what’s real and what’s not. We want to believe we’re intelligent enough to figure out what’s true and what’s been made up or exaggerated but the truth is it’s not always so easy.

We’ve put together this quiz so you can see how good you are at deducing fact from fiction. The tough part is that there are quite a few myths out there that stem from some grain of truth. That makes it harder to sift through and figure out what’s actually real and what’s not.

Do you think you’ve got the ability to suss out the myths and identify the facts in this quiz? Let’s see how well you know the world around you. Try to get at least 20 out of 25 on this quiz, then you’ll know that you’re pretty good at figuring out the whole truth, and nothing but.

Good luck! This is bound to be tricky, so put on your thinking cap and let’s see how many of these questions you can get right. Don’t forget to share your results via social media. Test your friends to see who’s the most evolved.

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