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Do You Know Who Almost Voiced This Disney Character?


We know all of the greats who voiced our favorite characters on Disney animated movies. But did you know there are also some pretty big names who were supposed to voice many of those same famous characters that we fell in love with in our childhood? Disney often has the amazing ability to make us forget about the ins, outs, and legalities of the Hollywood scene. But even films like Mulan and Beauty and The Beast had a few switch ups when it came to who would lend their voice to the main characters. Aladdin was known for Robin Williams’ perfect delivery as the Genie, and a young Scott Weinger (most known for his role as Steve on Full House) was perfect as Aladdin. James Earl Jones might have been behind the microphone for his role as Mufasa in the Disney classic The Lion King, but now that’s one of his most notable accolades.

Still, whether it was a money issue, a voice issue, or anything else that could go wrong in Hollywood, some celebrities who were supposed to be the voices behind many Disney characters never got the chance. The same goes for some of our favorite Disney princesses. You might be surprised that some famous actresses and singers like Beyoncé are on this list, only if you don’t know your Disney history. If you do or don’t, you could really have fun with this one. So take the quiz to find out if you know who almost voiced some of the most popular Disney characters.

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