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Do You Know Which Oscar Winners Also Won Razzie Awards?


As prestigious as the Academy Awards are, and as thrilling as it is winning one and taking the golden figurine home, many actors, actresses, movies, and other key figures in the movie business have instead ended up facing the embarrassment of being awarded a different golden statue: the Golden Raspberry Award, also known as The Razzies.

Strangely, sometimes it has been that the person or the movie in question have won both the Oscar and the Razzies; at times, shockingly, for the same category or role. So while the Academy Awards have been celebrating the best there is in Hollywood since 1929, the Razzies have been trolling the worst concoctions that Hollywood thinks of, since 1981. Yep, it took many years before people finally started calling a spade, a spade!

Obviously, being “awarded” for being the worst there is isn’t an easy pill to swallow – that said, we’ve had some brave souls who actually attended the Razzies and happily collected their spray painted raspberries with pride. It goes to show that some celebs can indeed be good sports!

It is safe to say that whether many of these celebs won an Oscar or not, they sure did win Razzies for roles and characters they probably cringe about today. Not all these roles or movies were bad though, in fact some of these grossed millions of dollars as well… It’s just that when you get handed some lemons, some celebs do manage to make Razz-berry memonade and teach us all how public humiliation can be turned on its head, with ease!

So here goes a quiz that tests your knowledge on these celebrities and movies that have both Oscars to their credit, and Razzies to their so-called discredit. Oh and the pictures you see are tantalizing clues – we aren’t going to make it that easy for you now, would we?

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