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Do You Know These Horror Movie Scream Queens?


Every antagonist needs a protagonist. It’s the very nature of storytelling. Typically, the two are polar opposites with separate yet equal abilities. Opponents must be formidable, otherwise there’s no struggle. And in the horror genre, this is never more apparent than the slasher and his final girl. Whatever rules a slasher flick must follow, the showdown between the last (typically) woman standing and the seemingly unstoppable killer is necessary. The rest of the rules, as Scream gleefully pointed out, are fairly arbitrary. John Carpenter, who popularized the subgenre with Halloween, never believed in the virgin angle so often referenced as a trope. And while imitators certainly leaned heavily on innocence as a final girl’s saving grace, there are plenty of exceptions to the rule.

Rob Zombie, in his terrible remake of the classic film, muddied the waters further by (inadvertently or otherwise) making his female characters equally despicable – if not in action than in language. His Laurie Strode is as foul-mouthed and unpleasant as her slasher-bait friends.

Horror slashers behave much like the genre itself. No matter how often the genre seems dead in the water, it suddenly springs to life once again, newly incarnated. Scream saw an ironic re-emergence, which led to a series of PG-13 rehashes of hard R originals. Soon after, the early millennium saw Japanese invasion with The Ring and The Grudge. Today, we’re in a bit of a new renaissance, mixing the post-modernism of Scream with fresh blood. Get Out, Jordan Peele’s recent race-based terror, set a historical precedent: it’s the single most successful horror film directed and written by an African American. With a horror movie at number one, and a 100 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, a new generation of scream queens and final girls is bound to come.

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