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Do You Know The Real Names Of These DC Heroes?


DC Comics is a hugely successful brand that has found success across several platforms over the years, including comic books (obviously), live action movies, animated movies, live action television shows, animated television shows, video games, toys and much, much more.

A huge reason for the brand’s success is its characters. Some of the most recognizable characters in all of fiction first appeared on the pages of DC’s comic books. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are every bit as popular and well-known as Sherlock Holmes, Spider-Man, James Bond, Luke Skywalker, Mickey Mouse, and anyone else you can name from other sources.

But how much do you know about those characters? Do you know their real names as well as their “super-names”? We’re about to find out in this quiz!

So, without further ado (and focusing solely on good guys, this time), do you know the real names of these DC superheroes? Be careful, as different individuals have used the same super-names over the years, and there will be more than one iteration of certain superheroes appearing here! Good luck!

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