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Do You Know The Real Names Of These Celebs?


So, what’s in a name? Shakespeare might digress poetically and say nothing, but for these celebrities when on the cusp of trying to make it big, it was perhaps everything. Some of these stars wanted to hide their ethnicity, while some even adopted names to reflect an ancestry they never really possessed in the first place. Some of these celebs were named after pets and animals, still others after other famous people – perhaps as a bid to see their own star rise with meteoric speed.

The thing is, while they may have been born with or christened with another name, we now know these celebs by their stage names and monikers only. If they walked up to us sans their make-up, persona or entourage, we would probably not recognize them if they offered us a hand and spoke their true names.

And frankly, their stage names seem to suit them perfectly. Somehow, these assumed names have become more of their true selves than the names their parents deemed fit to give to them, and even some of these strange monikers seem to sit perfectly true upon their celebrity shoulders.

So here’s another quiz to test your celebrity knowledge – do you know these celebs by their true names? We dare you to find the truth about these celebs, because the difference between their real and reel names is often vast and hilarious.

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